Monday, November 12, 2007

When in doubt, ride it out...

As much as I love snowboarding--the therapeutic rush as you ride through your favourite bowl, the overwhelming euphoria that's triggered by your board floating above fresh powder, and that sense of contentment knowing that you, indeed, have made the "first tracks" of the day--there is one creeping fear that lurks in the back of the minds of skiiers and snowboarders alike. Avalanches. Just the word, itself, makes me cringe. Because in that one word comes the frightening image of thousands of tons of snowy wrath chasing and eventually burying the poor sap who just happened to be in its rumbling path. Yiiiikkkkkeeessss! And if you may find yourself in this unluckiest of predicaments, you better hope to God that you at least packed a shovel and a transceiver to give you some chance of survival. Though in the end, one's only real choice when facing this imminent death is getting the sweet HELL outta there! As Jeremy Jones will show you in the following clip, when in doubt, ride it out!

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I used to friggin love this game as a kid!! You have to play at least one game!