Saturday, November 3, 2007

Blogging = the New CRACK

Since I have an incredibly addictive personality, I will shamelessly admit that blogging has become my new favourite vice! For the last three days (marking the beginning of my blog's conception), I have immersed myself in the blogosphere universe by pimping out my site to an excessive number of blogger networks, downloading ridiculous widgets(ie. statscounter, guestbook, feedburner, blogroll, etc.), rearranging these ridiculous widgets, and obsessively checking my stats so that I can convince myself, that in some small way, it was all worthwhile. That of course, and the fact that I'd probably go into blog withdrawal without that satisfying click of my mouse telling me that yes, people out there in Cyber Space are reading this. In light of me coming to terms with my new blog addiction, I've composed my own list of the Top 5 symptoms of blog free-basing:

5. It is currently 2 am and you are still surfing yet another SEO site, rearranging another widget, or pimping out your site to random strangers on a blogger's network.

4. You've checked your stats tracker more than 5 times today.

3. You really really really have to pee--right now--as we speak!

2. If you've eaten any meal at all, it's been right in front of your only true friend—your computer of course!

1. You haven't left the house at all today--AGAIN--resulting in a very unattractive pixel tan!


StraighTruth42 said...

You that they have done a study that claims that blogs, forums & chat rooms really are a compulsive obsessive habit. I forget what source they sited but this was actually the answer to a question on a comedy quiz show here in the US on National Public Radio called "Wait!Wait! Don't Tell Me!
Anyway I'm in the same boat with you as far as this habit goes. I love your graphics & your sense of humor.

Adrienne Zurub said...

Welcome to the 'crack'club! I'm not only a member, I'm the President!

Adrienne Zurub
'Notes From the Mothership The Naked Invisibles'

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Great post! I must say that I fit 3 of your criteria :-)

I used to have the "Dots" template from blogger. I really liked it, but noticed that it had some errors when scrolling down the page using certain browsers. You too??

Hello from Eric "Speedcat Hollydale"

Jennifer said...

Blogging is the new crack but it is better to be writing and sharing than drinking, etc.

Love your blog!!

Sofia said...

Oh, this is so true with me as well. Are we just freaks? Do we need to check into the nearest 12 step program?

Anonymous said...

bloggin' IS quite addictive; i have too found this to be the case.

i especially enjoy seeing the responses that are posted by my loyal readers and i enjoy making my rounds to visit the blogs of others...much like i am doing now with your blog.
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