Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bamboo Blitz: The Next Generation

So it has been exactly one year and eight days since my last post. A lazy Saturday and possibly one too many episodes of Sex and the City have inspired me to inject Bamboo Blitz with the much-needed juice aimed to save it from impending blog death.

Why did I suddenly fall off the face of the blogosphere? One word comes to mind: habit.

We're creatures of habit. Period. Anybody who has tried to quit smoking knows that you have to make an entire "lifestyle change" before fully "committing" to the process since a smoker will meticulously weave every drag in and out of her day. Or for those who have broken their "gym routine"...You know that it's taken you at least a month of subjecting yourself to pathetic self-deprecation and extreme guilt-tripping to actually get your ass into a gym. And once you have fallen in love with your drop-in spin class, everything's golden. Now you're working out at least three days a week following your carefully choreographed routine of mind (yoga and pilates), body (cardio!), and spirit (WOW, my ass is sure lookin' good!). However, this new-found high is short-lived. Old habits re-emerge stronger than ever and suddenly you are rationalizing how your ridiculously busy schedule (right...) and demanding career (uh-huh...) are standing in the way of your new healthy lifesyle. It's funny how you'll think twice about spending $3/lb. on bell peppers at the supermarket but chances are one will always buy their own bullshit for free. Why is that?

So instead of making excuses for my blogging absence (which was written into the original draft), I will simply leave y'all by saying that Bamboo Blitz is finally back on the blog train...

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