Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm baaaack...

What a journey!! So in a nutshell, here's what transpired in the last week:

  • I got married!!!
  • I helped my mom pack up her entire estate to move from Edmonton to Victoria...
  • ...and Mr. Bamboo and I drove a 16 ft. U-HAUL across BC.

To say that this was intense would probably be the understatement of the year!

But after everything was all said and done, I'm getting right back into Island life and enjoying every moment of it...

Here a couple photos of the drive through Jasper. (Most of these are car shots so you might catch some of the vermin from the windshield.) I'll be back later with shots of Victoria...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where in the world is Bamboo Blitz??

Fear not loyal readers...I haven't thrown in my blogging towel. However, I will be on hiatus from the site for an entire week since I'm heading back to the West Coast so expect a whole lotta Video Cop-Outs coming your way. I'll make sure to have some quality posts up by next week once I'm breathing in that salty ocean air...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Video Cop-Out: A Seinfeld Moment

Elaine's pathetic attempt at dancing still cracks me up after all of these years! Relive the moment yourself right here on the latest Video Cop-out:

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hamilton Boy in Protective Custody After Father Opts Out of Chemotherapy

For a moment, just imagine you are at the centre of this terrible predicament...

Your 11 year-old son has leukemia. He has already undergone an aggressive round of chemotherapy and radiation treatment which nearly cost him his life. When your little boy is up for his second round of chemo, he vehemently refuses to go through with it and instead, pleads with you to allow him to die peacefully at home. According to his doctors, your son would have a fair chance of beating the cancer if he underwent the chemo.

What would you do?

Sadly, a father in Hamilton was faced with this very dilemma and chose to follow his son's wishes and discontinue his cancer therapy. As a result, The CBC reports that child welfare took custody of the boy to ensure he would undergo the treatment. According to Dominic Verticchio, the executive director of Hamilton's Children's Aid Society, an Ontario court ruled in conjunction with provincial legislation stating that it is mandatory for children to receive necessary care and treatment for their health and well being.

The boy's family is outraged. Granted limited visitation rights during his son's treatment, the Hamilton father claims that doctors initially only gave the boy a 20 percent chance of surviving the chemotherapy. If this round of treatment was successful, the father goes on to say that his son would have to undergo further radiation therapy and a bone marrow transplant in which he would only be given a 50 percent survival rate following the entire ordeal.

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Myanmar Weeps After Devastating Cyclone

According to the CBC, Myanmar's cyclone Nargis has claimed a staggering 22,000 lives and nearly 40,000 more are reported missing. More than 1 million people have been left homeless in the wake of this devastating aftermath as entire villages have been completely destroyed, while several rice crops have also been lost in the storm. Read more HERE...

Photo courtesy of The New York Times

Photo courtesy of CTV News

Photo courtesy of CTV News

Monday, May 5, 2008

Video Cop-Out: Happy Cinco de Mayo folks!

Break out your tequila and coarse salt for this classic cocktail...

How to make a frozen margarita

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gimme Back a "Nickel Bag of Funk"

There's nothing better than cruising around town on a hot summer day, and hearing Ladybug Mecca spit her ultra-smooth rhymes straight outta your speakers:

The Bloom, the Swoon, the Sugars on your block

The Planets land in flesh in the corners of New York...

And Butterfly and Doodlebug chime in to bring it all back with:

A nickel bag of funk...

Do I ever miss the era when Hip Hop actually offered a meaningful alternative to the ubiquitous T & A/bitch n' ho formula that dominates the mainstream scene today. By the end of the 90s, the popularity of Digable Planets and Native Tongues alumni--De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Black Star, and The Roots--gave way to the new wave of bling-slingin'-thug-struttin' rappers such as 50 cent, The Game, and Eminem (to name just a few). Yes, I know that Kanye (whether you love him or hate him), Pharell Williams, Lupe Fiasco, and K'naan have all significantly diversified the sound of paint by number hip hop, but I still can't help but throw it back to the days of Tribe's innovative jazz flow of "Check the Rhyme," or De La Soul's disco/breakbeat mash-up, "Rollerskating Jam."

So out of sheer nostalgia, here are a couple of MCs who broke out of the corporate mold to make Hip Hop their very own...

Digable Planets--"Nickel Bags"--2005 Reunion Tour Amsterdam

De La Soul--"Rollerskating Jam"

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What Makes You a Filipino?

What is the essence of a culture?

Is it language? Values? History?

Can we possibly pinpoint a single attribute that authenticates one's culture?

Recently, I discovered the Speak Out series on Youtube that originally aired on The Filipino Channel. A Filipino-centric talk show, Speak Out explores relevant issues in a town hall meeting-style forum.

So what happened when they got a group of Philippine and American-born Filipinos together to define the Pinoy identity ?

Well, let's just say it involved a heated debate about the subjective essence of Filipino-ness (you can watch the program HERE):

Assimilating into American culture...

  • "The message that I received was that my Filipino-ness was not good enough. And that I will not be accepted by my accent and by the way I dress. In essence, I have to shed my self of my Filipino-ness."

The language debate...

  • "They expect us to explain our [Filipino] know...our mission statement in Tagalog. And then they came up and said, 'We don't think you should call yourself Filipino because you can't even speak the language!'"

  • "How are you going to tell me that you're a Filipino organization and you can't even speak Tagalog?! The essence--the foundation--of that can't even explain!"

What is American?

  • "What does Americanization mean or what is the American Dream? And who is American? When we think about this...when we think about this concept...most people think about White folks. So if a Filipino wants to be a Filipino American, are you trying to be White or trying to have the ideals of America--of freedom and democracy, and have wealth and privilege?"

What is Filipino?

  • "Let's just reverse the question: What does it mean to be Filipino? Does it mean chinellas (slippers) in the winter? Or does it mean putting our parents on a pedestal? "

Needless to say, the program stirred up a lot of strong feelings regarding the cultural authenticity of a Filipino, and I have to say I was getting pretty riled-up in the process! I guess the whole debate caught me off guard since I didn't realize such a strong rift existed between these two groups of Filipinos...but then...after thinking about it, I started to get it.

How can we strip one of their Filipino-ness on account of the fact that they may not speak Tagalog, but instead speak "fluent" English? Many of our parents believed that raising us in North America accent-free would allow us to become more successful within the larger culture, having encountered their own challenges with discrimination when immigrating to the new country. But the the seed of European superiority was obviously planted long ago...

Why do we often convince new Filipino immigrants that being American or being Canadian trumps being Pinoy? What is really dividing us? Why do Filipino American and Canadian kids often ignore their Philippine-born counterparts at school? Is it really because of their accents? OR is it because new Filipino immigrants remind us that we came from a place that's often been suppressed by our "good English" and North American privilege?

So what makes you a Filipino?

loyalty is layers
of strength
as many Pinays
runs through my veins
my brown skin
at times
triggered the taunts
that have lingered
with Those dark times
All Pinoys share
the mountain
from which I see the world
and the way
that world
wishes to see me.

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