Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What's in your bubble?

Jimi Li has retaliated against our branded landscape. As our public spaces have become completely inundated with ubiqutious ad culture, the graphic artist has decided to take matters into his own hands. But fear not, folks. He brings not guns, or tanks, or bombs. His preferred weapon of choice? Well, bubbles of course. Yes, that's right--thought bubbles.

In what he has coined "The Bubble Project," Li has taken to the streets of New York City and targeted his advertising foes with the homemade bubble stickers. In turn, passersby are encouraged to fill in these bubbles with their own commentaries. Afterwards, Li photgraphs the tagged bubbles and posts the results on his website. More recently, this bubble boy has even released a book of his anti-branding work. The reasoning behind his bubble counterattack? According to Li, "[These bubbles stickers transform the corporate monologue into open monologue...More bubbles mean more freed spaces, more sharing of personal thoughts...and more imagination and fun." Thanks, Mr. Li.

For your bubbling pleasure, I've even included a blank bubbled ad below. So what's in your bubble?

Check out Li's website for yourself:

1 comment:

DanieL said...

very interesting method of attracting passer-by attention =)

this shows that sometimes the most innovative idea can be the most simple one, itz only how your package and make use of it.

thx for sharing!


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