Friday, January 11, 2008

Hook, Line, and Sinker--The Keyword Game

Lately, I've been especially amused by how cyber folk have found their way to my blog. While I can expect most of my readers to find me with a little help from MyBlogLog, Blog Cave, or Blog Catalog, others have landed at Bamboo Blitz as a result of their Google search.

This is when things get really interesting.

So after scanning through the "referring URLs" of my most recent visitors, I started keeping a tally of some popular keyword searches that launched people to my site via a variety of search engines:

1. "Filipina Mail Order Brides"
2. "Filipinas desire American husbands"
3. "Filipino lolitas"
4. "finding a Filipino wife"
5. "blow-up sex doll"

Do you notice a bit of a pattern here?

Obviously, the funny thing is that my site is the antithesis of the above subject matter. While I'm ectstatic when anyone decides to spend time at my blog, it makes me bust a gut when I think about these avid wife shoppers (or doll humpers) accidentally stumbling upon these posts: "Hello Dolly! Lifeless Lolitas Leap into Japan’s Dating Scene," "The Global Price of Sex," and "Buying a Filipina Wife: Voices of Mail-Order Brides in Canada," which all provide stark commentaries on the global sex trade and the mail order bride industry.



ZenDenizen said...

I have a nearly identical post sitting in my draft folder. It's amazing the smut people are googling and landing on my self-righteous blog! LOL

--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

Thats sooo funny! he he! I know, I might as well be wearing a sign saying that all those "smutty" keywords will lead you straight to my blog :P

Black_Mamba said...

Among the most popular keyword searces that direct to my blog include Pinay scandals, Pinay sex, Pinay sex videos, Filipinas in sex videos, to name a few. I'm not sure if those directed to my site actually read anything I've written or click out as soon as they find out I have no pornographic material there.

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