Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Teeny Weeny Computer

I may be behind the times here, but has anyone else seen these ultra-mini computers? These pen-like PCs are straight out of a 007 flick or an episode of Inspector Gadget. Go-go gadget PC!

**UPDATE: I'm not entirely sure if this technology is urban legend or not, so here are a couple links you can check out to decide for yourself. As far as I know, I believe the photos above are just simulations of virtual keyboards--not actual prototypes.


SoupNumber5 said...

Are those real? Because that is pretty wild.


Hey soup, I'm thinking that the technology is there, but I don't know if there are actual functioning prototypes of this technology. It would be sweet though, eh?

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I used to friggin love this game as a kid!! You have to play at least one game!